What is untagged adult content? Why was my account suspended / banned for 72 hours?

When you upload artwork to YCH you need to be very mindful of our Content Rating policy. If you uploaded anything as safe, or questionable that belongs into the explicit rating of our website, we will suspend your account for violating this rule.

Remember covering your adult content with black censor bars or stickers does not make it safe. You are not required to add them, just to tag your stuff properly.

I can't see my auction listed. / Why can't I see adult content on YCH?

Adult content needs to be opted into. This is really easy to do, go to https://ych.commishes.com/settings/display and set your maximum rating to explicit. When navigating the site, adult content should now be listed. You need to be logged in to change your settings, guests cannot list adult auctions.

Can I have a second account?

Yes. There's many legitimate reasons why one would own multiple accounts. Maybe you want to separate your adult from your general content, or you want to have accounts to target special groups or fandoms. That is up to you.

There's one exception, if one of your accounts gets suspended for a rule violation (regardless of what kind) you are not allowed to use any of the others or register a new one. Doing so will get the second account permanently suspended for 'ban evasion'. If your account gets suspended, please find our help page and see how you can resolve the issue on your first account.

How many auctions am I allowed to submit?

We do not limit the number of auctions you upload. As long as these auctions are relevant to the interest of the audience of Commishes. Aggressive posting, as in posting to the wrong categories or with minor edits repeatedly and abusively, will lead to your account being suspended.