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A "user" is the model we use to represent person who uses the application. The application will use this to authenticate a returning user and to generate profile information.


The information we record about the user will change between versions due to the changing requirements and features it will provide. To avoid bad UX and reduce the danger of user information being lost commishes will try to record the smallest possible amount of data for every single user.

Version 0

In this version we will just record the necessary data to authenticate a user. This includes:

  • 'Username': A string to identify a user. Username validation restrictions apply.
  • 'Password': This will be a cyphered password generated by PHP's password_ functions. See passwords.
  • 'Email': A valid email. This allows the application to assist the user in case of a lost password. Also allows the user to be contacted.
  • 'Commissions': A list of commissions that this user offers to his potential customers.