Submitting Video Proof

This page is intended to help you whenever you have received a suspension for Traced artwork. In order to understand what your creative process is, sometimes moderators will ask you to provide them with a recording of your process.

Why a video file and not a PSD?

First of all, we do not want access to your sources. Your artwork belongs to you and we would not want to be involved in having a copy of your PSD. Second, PSD files are notoriously easy to tamper with, and having a file with layers does not provide sufficient proof that you actually made the sketch that sparked the lineart.

How to properly submit the evidence

We do need you to create a video recording of your process, for this you can use a screen recording tool of your choice or your phone, the quality is not important. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Recored a video in either mp4, wmv, or avi format
  • You must start with a blank canvas or sheet of paper.
  • Write your username on the canvas.
  • It is not necessary to make a complete rendered painting, a quick sketch that takes you no more than 15 minutes is completely sufficient.
  • You can submit the video to Youtube, or another cloud hosting service like Dropbox. You can also use and enter the support email as recipient.
  • You can send the video or a link to your video to our support mail: [email protected] or go to Commishes Help to find another way to contact us.

Review process

Once you've sent the email, the support staff will review the video, and unlock your account or get back to you for clarification. Support usually replies within 2 working days, we understand that you would like to have the issue resolved and work hard to review it as soon as possible.