Special rules for bases

Some artists need a little kickstart for their creativity. And using a base to provide a commission or a your-character-here auction is perfectly okay. In order to keep our community safe and help buyers make an informed decision we have a few simple rules for the usage of bases:

  • You must disclose your auction / offering is a base.
  • Include a link to the original artist's page / the exact base you are using. This can also be a page outside of commishes.
  • Include a link to the terms of the artist you sourced the base from.
  • these rules also apply to adoptables that are made with bases

Failing to comply may result in your auction being cancelled and your account being suspended for at least 72h.

Proper disclosure

When adding links to the original source of the artist, please remember to make sure that the page fits our minimum requirements.

  • The page linked must not be a group that aggregates bases. This means we will not accept "Free bases" groups on Facebook or VK as source. Please do the legwork and find the original artist.
  • The page linked must be in English.
  • The page linked must state that it is acceptable to use the base for commercial purposes.

If the artist who's base you're selling does not provide this kind of page, please ask them to add this information. If the artist doesn't explicitly allow you to use their work we will take the auction down.

Sample text

When creating your description, you should add something like this:

   This auction is made using a base
   Original creator: https://somebody.deviantart.com/
   Link to the base: https://somebody.deviantart.com/the_base
   Terms of the base: https://somebody.deviantart.com/journal/123456-rules-for-my-bases

The terms of service page should contain a text something like this

   This artwork is a base
   This base is free-to-use / pay-to-use
   Commercial usage by the licensee is accepted

Reporting a base properly

If you come across a post on commishes that offers a base without providing proper attribution or without complying with the terms of service of the artist, we appreciate you reporting the artwork as stolen. Please consider this while filing your report:

  • Include a link to the artwork. If we cannot make sure that the artwork was originally posted by someone else, we can't take any action.
  • Make sure the artist hasn't posted their terms on a different page. Sometimes artists add their terms of service in a journal.

How to properly protect your bases?

If you're an artist and come across this page because somebody used your base in a way you did not agree to, please reach out to our support staff. We'll be glad to help you. Here's also a little list of tips to make it harder for thieves to profit off your work:

  • Include a license text to the description of your images.
  • Indicate on your profile page that your bases are not allowed to be used in a commercial way.
  • Add a signature / watermark to your artwork. This way people have it easier tracing the image back to you.