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If you're here, you probably found a bug in our software and want to report it. And we're super grateful that you're doing. To help us best help you, please follow this instructions closely, a good bug report will help us a LOT making Commishes a better place for everyone.

At the point of writing, we're using Github issues - therefore you will need to register an account with Github so we can properly follow-up the bug report.

Step 1: Identify the application causing trouble

Commishes is built out of several smaller services, these apps collaborate to bring the service. We maintain separate repositories for the different applications, therefore, we'd appreciate if you reported the issues on the right application. Therefore helping us to quickly categorize and triage your bug.

Step 2: Check if your issue is present

This is really important to us. A few seconds of your time to see whether your issue is listed saves us a lot of management overhead, and does work wonders for our efficiency. When you click on one of the above links, you will see a list of issues. Github also provides a search for bug reports.

If your issue appears on the list, then please add a comment to the issue if you have additional information or click the "thumbs up" icon to tell us that the issue is present for you too. If your issue is already present, then you're done. Somebody will review the issue and address the issue ASAP.

Step 2: Reporting a bug or filing a feature request

Once you're logged into Github, you'll find that you have the option to click a green button labeled "New issue". Click the button! To properly file the bug please remember to include all of the following:

  • Rough system information. Are you on desktop / mobile? What browser and version are you using? For example: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 11
  • Include the URL that the error appears on. If your URL contains any tokens or session information, please remove it first.
  • Provide screenshots if necessary. Please remove any personally identifiable information. Issues are public.
  • Include the following in your report: What were you trying to do? What happened? What was supposed to happen?

You can use this form to write your report:

 Platform: [desktop|table|mobile]
 Operating system: [Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux]
 Browser: [IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Other]
 What were you trying to do:
 What was supposed to happen:
 What happened:

Step 3: Submit the report, watch your email

Just click "Submit". We'll handle everything else. Your bug will get triaged (given a priority) and you'll get updates whenever anything changes. Github will automatically update you whenever there is any update to your bug report. Please keep tabs on any emails from them, we may need you to follow up on your report.

Step 4: Enjoy our gratitude

Again, bug reports are the best way to help us improve and get better. We can't fix issues if we don't know they're there. You're really helping! Thanks!