Ping is a notification hub. It allows users that are registered on Commishes to receive notifications, set how they wish to be notified about new events on the platform and follow updates from other users. Whenever you follow someone on Commishes YCH or Commishes Portfolio you will be following them on Ping, your follows are synchronized, following a user anywhere on Commishes leads to you following them on all other Commishes sites.

Enabling and disabling notifications

When you receive a like, a message, a mention or a payment; Ping will default to send you an email so you know this happened. You can disable these emails if you receive to many of them, simply head to and click on your user avatar. This will open a dropdown with an entry named "Settings".

In the settings page you can select which notifications you receive via email, in a daily digest or never (never meaning that you will receive them through the site).

Removing an unwanted comment

Sometimes you may receive a comment somewhere on Commishes that is inappropriate, spam, or just rude. If you want to have it removed from your page, simply click on the reply button next to the comment. This will open ping and show you options for the comment.

If the comment is a reply to a ping of yours, you can just click "disavow", which will remove the comment from being a response to you and effectively allowing you to moderate your own page.