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Commishes is network of sites that are intended to help artists get their art out there and get paid for their work. The Commishes approach is to provide small tools that help you accomplish certain tasks so that every artist can pick the tools they need and use those.

Currently our network is composed of five different services that we actively maintain: YCH, Accounts, CRM, Portfolio and Ping.


YCH is our current top product. Intended for artists who wish to sell preposed YCH, adoptables and commission auctions. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to create auctions and collect bids. It also takes care of those pesky time-zones for you.


Our ticket system / PM hybrid for artists who wanna organize their work. CRM allows to combine all your commissions in one place, tag and organize them and communicate with the client. All of this in one place. This is also where the finished auctions from YCH go when a registered user bids on your auctions.


Looking for a simple, clean gallery that you can upload your art to? Look no further. Portfolio's clean galleries and stripped down interface allows you to put your favorite pieces on display without adding any extra clutter around it.

Portfolio is also regularly visited by moderators to check for artists who they enable for the featured tab. If your account gets enabled for featured you will find a link to "Submit to featured" next to the delete link on a submission page, you can then pick your favorite pieces of work to put them on display on the home page.


Wanna get updates when something happens across the network? All of our sites are integrated with ping, which will collect them in a simple digestible feed for you.

Ping will combine notifications:

  • From users when they post a comment on your art, reply to a comment of yours or reply to your CRM thread
  • Updates that users you follow broadcast to ping.
  • Updates from users you follow across the network (for example when an artist uploads new art or starts a new auction)

As an artist you can use this in a similar fashion to how you would use any other feed based social network. You can post a new ping and users who follow you will get notified. You can use it to announce new commission slots, commission price lists, giveaways, updates for your commissioners... Or you can update them on your mood or post cat pictures.