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Commishes is a project to build a commission marketplace. A commission is the process of a person (client) requesting art from another (the artist). As a result the artist receives a defined amount of money in exchange for his work.

State of the Commission

Currently people use services like Deviantart or Furaffinity to offer their art against payment. These usually don't index the commission status of their users, making it therefore hard for them to get discovered.

  • Artists who want to sell art have a hard time reaching new clients.
  • Artists who have enough or too many clients are still receiving them.
  • Clients looking for an artist don't find artists they like that are open for commission.

Why selling commissions?

The interesting thing about commissions is that the client has a good idea of the work he will receive for his payment. This is because an artist or designer probably has an already existing portfolio with samples. When an artist creates a commission he adds a description, price tag and several sample works. So the potential client can see the work the artist delivers at a certain price, making the application feel like an e-commerce platform rather than a tool to hire services.

Where can I get to this website?

Commishes is designed as a network. This means that there are several minor pages being developed that all come together to make selling art easy for the artists and buying it simple for users. Currently these are: