Content Rating

Across the Commishes sites we use three different content rating levels to allow users to filter whether they wish to see only family friendly content or whether they wish to have access to all the submissions (including those containing sexual content or gore). These three ratings are:

  • Safe
  • Questionable / Suggestive
  • Explicit

By default, we accept all types of content as long as you select the appropriate category for the content. Not every content is easy to determine, so please use your common sense while choosing a category for your content. If you still have questions, please find help in our Telegram group or Email.


Content in this category includes only family friendly artwork and writing.


Questionable is any artwork that includes one or several of the following:

  • Nudity this refers to tasteful or artistic nudity. Content which contains exposed nipples or genitals needs to be marked as explicit.
  • Suggestive underwear (this includes tight underwear and bikinis)
  • Mild violence


When posting one of the following you are required to use the explicit rating:

  • Sexual content (this also refers to implied sexual situations)
  • Genitals
  • Body fluids (Ahegao, this also refers to "yoghurt" and "ice cream")
  • Violence and gore (blood and guts)
  • Fetish content (petplay, bdsm, fat, tentacles, vore .... )
  • Sex Toys

Any picture depicting sexual content or that has genitals (including female nipples) on it, is considered explicit. You may not do any of the following to include your picture in the questionable or safe categories:

  • Censor the genitals with smileys, stickers or subway. You can do so, but you still have to tag your picture as explicit.
  • Add clothing that allows the viewer to see the shape of the genitals below it. This refers to extremely tight leggings and latex clothing.

Failing to tag this content may be punished with a suspension (ranging from a few hours to a few days) and the termination of your auction (if your suspension was to last for longer than the auction). Accounts created with the object of evading a suspension will be immediately and permanently terminated.

Unaccepted content

Please note that, while we encourage users to post whatever they like the following content cannot be accepted on the site:

  • Child pornography
  • Content inciting violence
  • Grooming
  • Forbidden or illegal content
  • Sexual photography and video recordings

Our platform is intended to host arts and crafts that are rooted in the artist's fantasy. We do not accept nude photography of neither humans or animals. In the case of beings unable to consent (animals and children) this includes "Posing" (the act of striking suggestive poses).

Since we operate from Germany, and our servers are hosted in Germany, we cannot accept content with any kind of reference to National-Socialist Germany. We are required to delete this content immediately when reported. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

If you find illegal content, please read our Guidelines for reporting illegal content

a little guide to help

since we are asked very often about how to tag auctions correctly we'll try to explain a few things more detailed here.

female breasts


  • safe: definitely female, but no details shown. Functional bras are allowed.
  • questionable: as soon as it is no longer just about the character but about the gender, an auction must be labeled as questionable. That includes lingerie thats not only functional or underwear that shows more of the breasts than necessary.
  • explicit: as soon as the picture shows nipples it has to be tagged explicit. It doesn't matter if you just imply them with colors or if you can only see parts of the areola. Also, censoring is no excuse to tag your auction not explicit and therefore is unnecessary if you label your auction correctly.