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A commission can be defined as a service that implies a foreseeable effort. This allows us to offer this service in a way that is commonly reserved for products, Commishes presents services you can hire as if they were products in any other eCommerce site. Commissions are products that do not yet exist and that will be provided to you as a unique thing. When you hire someone to craft you something, design or draw for you on commishes you will receive a unique result.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Design works
  • Illustrations
  • Music composition
  • Crafting


In order to provide a useful service, commishes lets you create this "virtual products". We will try to provide as much information as possible to the user without cluttering the tool. In order to do so we will start with a very basic information set that is flexible and start extending on the go.

Version 0

In our first version a commission will contain the following:

  • 'Title'
  • 'Description'
  • 'Price'. In our first version, all prices will be managed in USD, this prevents the need for converting in the app.
  • 'Status'. Whether the commission is open or not. We moved this here from the user to allow users to provide different types of products and allow granularity.
  • 'Uploads'. This are work samples that will be displayed to give the client a sense of what he can expect of the seller.