Commishes CRM

Commishes CRM allows you to communicate with a client, keep track of your commissions and send invoices. Your clients will receive notifications whenever you send them a response.

Do my clients receive notifications of my messages?

Yes, your customer will receive a notification via Ping and a separate email notification letting them know that you updated the work. You can disable this by disabling the "Send notifications" check when adding a person to your conversation from the People section of the sidebar.

   Note It is planned to allow your users to respond to the email and directly have their email attached to the conversation, we'll be announcing the feature as soon as it's ready.

Sending an invoice with CRM

Whenever you want to use CRM to collect payment for your commission, simply find the "Payments" section in the right hand sidebar and click "Get started", this will connect your CRM account with our wallet system. Once that is done, the button will change and read "Add payment", when you click that you can enter a description and the client will receive a notification informing them that you requested the invoice to be paid.

Closing a commission

When you're finished working on a commission, you can click on the dropdown under "Folder" and select "Finished". Your commission is now closed and can be located under the finished tab.