Bidding as a guest

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You can bid on commishes while having no registered account on the site. This is intended to make cross platform auctions simple and fun. This makes it easy to bid on your favorite artist's auction when you get linked to a Commishes auction from another service like Deviantart or Furaffinity.

Unverified bid

When you submit a bid without an account, the system will ask for your email and attempt to verify it is yours. It will send you a single email containing a button you need to click, once you do, you'll see the bid show up. Your email will be used to contact you once more once the auction is over, after that, we do no longer use your email for anything. We don't send you spam, we don't try to sign you up for an account.

I'm an artist and see an unverified bid on my auction

You will know a bid is unverified for two reasons:

  • It is not listed on the public page, but it appears on the [My account] page
  • On the bid sheet it says "Pending confirmation" next to the auction.

This means we've sent the user an email but have yet to receive any word back from that email. If they do confirm their auction it will automatically appear.