All adoptables have to be posted in the Adoptables category. This also includes weapon or clothing adoptables. Adoptables that are posted in any other category will be deleted and vice versa.

General rules for adoptables

  • All other rules of commishes also aply to the adoptable category - you still have to follow the Content Rating guide.
  • You have to be the owner of the adoptable that you're selling and be able to prove it.
  • If you're not the creator, or if you're using a base for your adoptable, include a link to the original artist's page. This can also be a page outside of commishes.
  • It's not allowed to have multiple auctions running for the same adoptable. Crossposting from different sites is okay, as long as you state so in the description and add a link to the other auctions

Reporting an adoptable properly

If you come across a post on commishes that offers an adoptable that they do not own, or that hasn't added propper credit to the artist, we appreciate you reporting the adoptable as stolen. Please consider this while filing your report:

  • Include a link to the adoptables owner. If we cannot make sure that the adoptable belongs someone else, we can't take any action.
  • Make sure the artist hasn't posted their terms on a different page. Sometimes artists add their terms of service in a journal.